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Did you really run for Mayor of Calgary in 2001?
Yes, yes I did. Any you can see how well I did by reading my archives of those good old days. And in case you were wondering... I came in dead last with 69 votes. Which is pretty good when you consider I thought I was going to get about 3. Maybe next time I will actually campaign.... na.

Ruler of the World?
I know what you're thinking. Ruler of the world? Peter you're craaazy. Crazy like a fox I say! Allow me to ask you, what makes a ruler? The answer is simple. If enough people agree you are the ruler then that is what you are. My goal is to make people agree I am ruler of the world.

Why should I agree?
Why not, you're reading this so you are obviously looking for a reason to support the decision you already made, and that is to support me. So stop fighting the urge and join me.

What happened to all those cool links on your site?
They are on your left. Now back to the important subject.....

What reasons do you have to become ruler of the world?
They are too numerous to mention here, however feel free to check out some of the more specific sites dedicated to details of my rulership.

A General OverviewCampaign Headquarters
For those of you still with questionsThe FAQs
She Said it Would Never HappenThe Wedding List
The latest from our Sports CenterSoccer on the Moon
Kill all the Stupid PeoplePopulation Control
You can never get enough of Kerri GreenUniversal Television
First Mayor then Ruler of the WorldMayor of Calgary
Sometimes innocent people get culledAbolishing Unions
I can cure your money woesDebt Reduction
Vegeterians SuckAnimals I have Eaten
Domination through the love of GodOrdained?

I still have some questions, who do I ask?
Amazing how often I am asked this. You can ask me, but first read the FAQs to see if the answer is there.

Ok, I agree where do I sign up?
Click one of the links above to vote.

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